M Dwarf World Raffle 

Hello there! If you're looking to enter the #ExoloreAliens raffle, you've come to the right place. I am sooooo excited to see the aliens that you've imagined living on our word orbiting an M dwarf star!! Below you'll find all the details and information you're looking for

Who can enter?

Literally anyone can enter, no matter where you live. That's the magic of our digitally connected world!  

How do I enter? 

To enter the raffle, you need to do two things.

1. Submit your drawing and paragraph to this link OR click the big button that says SUBMIT ALIEN 

2. Share your creature (drawing + some description) on twitter or instagram with #ExoloreAlien and tag @ExolorePod

What if I'm not on social media? 

If you don't have social media, that's okay! It's not for everyone. Instead of sharing your alien on twitter or instagram, you can share your favorite episode of Exolore with a friend! Email me at exolorepod@gmail.com and tell me which episode you shared and who you shared it with (not their name, but how you know them). 

How many winners will there be? 

There will be three winners total! I'll choose my favorite creature of the bunch and the other two will be chosen randomly from the submissions. 

When will winners be announced? 

I'll choose the winners on August 31st and announce them on twitter on September 1st!

What can I win in the raffle? 

The prize is a 30-minute 1-on-1 zoom meeting with me. We can talk about your alien creature and do a live mini worldbulding session, or we can talk about anything else that you think you would be helpful/enjoyable for you, such as 

  • a career coaching session about graduate school, science communication, book writing, etc. 

  • space! Come loaded with your burning space questions and we can talk about the universe :) 

  • fiction consulting. Maybe you have a story in mind that isn't set on an M dwarf planet. We can talk about that, too