Moiya McTier is an astrophysicist who studies planets outside of our solar system -- those are called Exoplanets. She's also a folklorist who specializes in using science and logic to build fictional worlds. The Exolore podcast is just one of the ways Moiya combines her two areas of expertise. In fact, the name Exolore is a portmanteau of her two fields: "exo" from exoplanets and "lore" from folklore.

Moiya's first experience with facts-based worldbuilding was her undergraduate senior thesis, a science fiction novel set on an exoplanet she studied. She wanted the world to be as motivated by her research as possible, and soon found that it didn't make sense to stop at accurate planetary science, so she talked to biologists and psychologists to make her fictional world seem more realistic.

Since college, Moiya has taught facts-based worldbuilding workshops to over a thousand people in multiple countries around the world. Before becoming a podcast, Exolore had a brief stint as a live show in New York City, but Moiya's glad she now gets to share her passion for worldbuilding with anyone who's willing to listen.

Outside of podcasting, Moiya has given hundreds of talks about science, been interviewed on dozens of podcasts and TV shows, designed exhibits for the New York Hall of Science, and is writing a popular science book about the evolution of the Milky Way Galaxy. You can learn more about Moiya and her other work here.